Minister for Communications, Works, Public Utilities, Physical Development, Public utilities, Information and Communication Technology, and Community Development

Gregory C Bowen

St George South East

Taking my constituents and Grenadians in general to a better standard of living.

It pleases my heart to see families acquire/achieve better housing and be able to feed themselves and send their children to school. Whenever a young person particular from a challenge home advances his or her education, the country benefits tremendously.

To serve one's country at this level requires great sacrifice.

One must be prepared to do what is best for the nation and to stay the course. The people may be influenced by those who seek to put down with negative consequences for you. But it is certain that this short term setback will soon be replaced with well-deserved success.

Seeing Grenada become a digital nation is a strong desire of mine.

The use of Information and Communication Technology in our daily lives will revolutionize how we do things and open up economic activities in areas of goods and services that will create modern jobs. Tertiary education will be much easier to attain. Grenadians will be able to stay at home and sell products abroad encouraging investment in the production/manufacturing transportation sector. The job market will be expanded since a Grenadian will be able to stay in his/her house and work for a company abroad utilizing ICT.

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Gregory C Bowen

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Favourite teacher in school

Bro. Liam


Favourite subject in school

Favourite Grenadian treat

Potato Pudding

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Favourite artist

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First day of driving school

Soursop smoothie

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Music, Dominoes, Research, Sports

The people of St George’s South East – like the rest of the nation –have bounced back these past five years.

We still remember the barren years of 2008-2013, when so many of our people lost their jobs; their homes -- and their hopes.

Together, we have dug ourselves from that deep hole – and we have lifted many people up.

But it is a long hard grind – and the job is not finished.

So a vote for me in St George’s South East – is charge from you to work harder to consolidate the gains; and to be even more determined to fight, especially for those who are yet to be lifted by this rising tide.

I am pleased to offer myself to return as your MP in St George South East.
Together we shall keep moving!