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Minister of Social Development and Housing

Delma Thomas

St Andrew North West

I am motivated by the joy and happiness of the faces of the less fortunate.

I am determined to work to assist needy families among us because it brings a special joy to me.

I’ve learned that determination and hard work pay.

After losing the 2008 general election, I had renewed optimism and therefore I worked very hard with my team to ensure a win the next time around

I have a very strong relationship with God.

I pray without ceasing even while at other engagements that is not church related. I’m also a health freak and I count calories and exercise regularly.

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Delma Thomas

Fun Facts

Favourite teacher in school

Michael Pierre, Evelyn Frederick and Vashti Stanisclaus

English B

Favourite subject in school

Favourite Grenadian treat

Oildown and Cocoa tea

Finley Jeffrey -Scholar

Favourite artist

Most embarrassing moment

Walking to school for weeks with a shoe without bottom


Favourite drink


Reading, socializing with elderly and working with the less fortunate.

I remember those days, not so long ago, that all I wanted was an opportunity.

My family was poor, and there were times I did not even have a pencil to go to class.

The people of Mt Horne and surrounding areas gave me that opportunity. These ordinary people raised me.

It is this history that inspires my politics. Now, it’s my turn to give the next generation even greater opportunities than I had.

If I can make just one weak person strong, I would have begun to serve by God and my conscience

What we did in five years, is just a little bit of what we can do in the future.

My duty is to stay the course – and to keep moving!