Minister of Labour & Co-operatives

Oliver Joseph

St. David

I am motivated by my desire to help people.

I have pledged my commitment to the public sector because it provides me with an avenue to positively impact a great number of people by helping them to uplift themselves and contribute to the development of Grenada.

A valuable lesson to me is to not take people for granted.

I’ve also learned that in order to achieve success you must make a great number of sacrifices.

I am most passionate about education and how it can shape and change lives.

I come from a very poor family and my mother instilled the importance of education.  I have helped hundreds of students to get into school and I will continue to ensure that I share with young people the value of a good education.

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Oliver Joseph

Fun Facts

Favourite teacher in school

Mr Taylor


Favourite subject in school

Favourite Grenadian treat

Fish broth


Favourite artist

Most embarrassing moment

Forgetting a part of my speech

Red Wine

Favourite drink


Reading and Swimming

This new National Party has been good to St David’s – as it has been to the entire nation.

More young people have been employed and we have expanded benefits to the marginalized.

But the good news is that the foundation we have laid these past five years is to ensure that something even better emerges – and St David's is in-line to benefit big time!

We are embarking on a plan to cut youth unemployment by a further half starting from next year. Scholarships afforded to young people in the parish will also double.

I am part of this NNP team that offers continuity and renewal. That’s why we say now is not the right time to take a chance with the future.

Our simple message: Keep moving!