Minister of State in Ministry of Youth with Responsibility for Youth

Pamela Moses

St. Patrick East Constituency

I am motivated by my desire to serve my country.

The desire to serve my country, and make a positive difference in the lives of the people in St. Patrick East motivates. I have dedicated my life to service and will continue to assist in the development of the parish by focusing on job creation, housing and education for all.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that you must listen.

Listening to the concerns and feedback of constituents is a very important aspect of my work. I’ve learned that you glean a lot of insight and knowledge by not only listening to the spoken, but it’s equally as important that you listen to the unspoken needs of persons in the constituency to serve them better.

You have to care. Fundamentally you have to care about every person you come in contact with.

As an educator I often found myself going beyond teaching the fundamental skills and nurturing the whole child. Nurturing the whole child ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged and supported. This approach came naturally to me because I genuinely cared for my students. I’ve taken that caring approach in my role as representative for my constituency.

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Fun Facts

Favourite teacher in school

Ms. Redhead

Biology and Agricultural Science

Favourite subject in school

Favourite Grenadian treat


Taurus Riley

Favourite artist

Most embarrassing moment

When I fell into a drain and had to be raised out in heavy rain.

Cherry Juice

Favourite drink


Cake Decorating, Farming

I am Pamela Moses – and I have offered myself to be the next parliamentary representative for the people of St Patrick’s East.

I see this as the next step in my life’s journey of service; and my determination to give back to my community that has always lifted me up.
I am particularly passionate about issues affecting youth – and as your MP will be championing policies and programmes that will further empower our young people all across Grenada – but particularly in St Patrick’s East.
I am pleased to have joined a team that has delivered for Grenada. But there is more work to be done – and so – we shall keep moving!