Parliamentary Secretary - Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development

Kate Skeeter Lewis

St Andrew North East Constituency

I am motivated by my passion for success and helping others achieve success.

One of my dad's favorite saying to us was "kids you must raise my nose, " and this motivated me to strive for excellence and success in everything I do.

I’ve learned to never judge a book by its cover, the best part of the story is inside the book.

As a teacher, I’ve encountered many students who were categorized as “Bad” by others in society. However, as I got to know them and engage them one on one I’ve learned that what we see on the surface is not necessarily the truth. I’ve learned to never judge a book by its cover, the best part of the story is inside the book.

Something that’s very personal to me is the importance of hard work and not giving up no matter your personal situation.

Neither of my parents attained a secondary education, but that didn’t stop them from going over and above to provide for myself and working tremendously hard for myself and siblings to ensure that we were given a proper education.

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Favourite teacher in school

Avis Mark


Principles of Accounts

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Favourite Grenadian treat



Romain Virgo

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Most embarrassing moment

As a child running for a ride only to realize is not you the vehicle stopped for.


Vita Malt and Red Wine

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Travelling, Socializing, Reading, Youth Empowerment

I believe that my life’s journey as a sister and daughter; a community activist and an educator has prepared me for the next chapter.

As a young woman, I have always firmly believed that our generation is capable of building on the solid foundation already laid, and taking our society to the next level.

My long association with girls in the Junior Achievement programme has taught me a lot about national potential.

This is not about where we started – but where we can go together.

I am running – so that I can stand up for you!