Tobias Clement

St. George North East

The drive to lift up others to see people bring out the best in themselves motivates me.

I’ve learned that there is value in everyone, regardless of their circumstance.

My family is extremely important to me.

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Tobias Clement

Fun Facts

Favourite teacher in school

Peter Mash


Favourite subject in school

Favourite Grenadian treat

Coocoo Calaloo

Peter Tosh

Favourite artist

Most embarrassing moment

Exposure to racism

Ginger beer

Favourite drink



Five years ago, we started on an incredible journey together. We dared to dream and we strove to achieve.

We are happy with the successes we have had, but not content.

The arch of progress is bending in the right direction in St George’s North East – and many people have benefitted.

But there are still others that are yet to be lifted by the rising tide.

We cannot leave those people behind – and so we continue to fight, and we continue to push on.

I am Tobias Clement, and I am running again - to continue what we’ve started.

Our dreams are too big, our ambitions too large for us to stop here.

And so, let’s keep moving!